Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sex in a pan (really?!)

It would be a lie if i tell you that i have nothing to do with the name of this dessert. In face, it is the reason why i tried it. Dessert itself look really nice to me but the name .. this name. I cannot help but wondering how this (layer-like) dessert have this name. May be, simply to have people attention which seem to work well, at least to me :D As i am so curious, i decided to make it. Hmmmm.. the name will fit if your are "pudding" lovers. The method of making this dessert is very easy to make. It might take a little bit of time as you have to fridge each layer before you can add  in next layer. Well, if you are interesting to know if this dessert fit its name. then .. make them will be the only way to find out! ;-) In case you did, please stop by to let me know what you think ^_^


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