February 15th, 2011 .. Here i am, typing my first sentence for my first blog. Imagining things i want to share with you all .. things that i like to do whenever i can .. some kind of hobby that relax me .. yes, B-A-K-I-N-G ^_^

My name is Tanida. I am a mother of 2 adorable "busy" kids with a "busy" husband. I spend lots of my time in the kitchen: cooking and baking for my lovely family. Some healthy some not. Some yummy some not. To make this more fun and useful, i create this blog .. to share the recipes i found and like .. with you ^_^

I am so excited. This is fun!

This is my first blog, so, there are still a lot more to change and to improve. Please leave me  comments, opinions, ideas or even a result if you have try some of my recipes because ..
"I will be more than happy to know that my blog is useful to someone .. somewhere .. somehow."
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Hope you all enjoy it as much as i do to create it.

YIPPY! ^_^

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