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Jello Worms for Halloween

My Oh My Oh My ... it has been such a long time since my last post. Time just fly by so fast i cannot believe it is Halloween soon. Without wasting any more time, in this post, i will show you how to do something yummy that nobody want to eat or even give it a try :D What?!?! then why worth doing it??!?!?!? :D Well, it's simply because It is nice and excited to bring it to any party and because It is H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N!!! By the way, it taste great!! :D

Who doesn't like Jello? Who doesn't like Oreo? Well, Jello with Oreo ?!?!?!!? Here it is ;)

I know .. it looks disgusting and seem real but if you dare to eat one, you are good to go! Trust me! ;-)

Ingredients:(source: Mel's KitchenCafe)
  • 1 package (170 g.) Raspberry Jello
  • 3 envelopes (7 g. each envelope) unflavored gelatin powder
  • 3 cups (750 ml) boiling water
  • 3/4 cups (187 ml) whipping cream
  • green food coloring (15 drops or more)

  • 250 long plastic straws with bendable necks*
  • Big and tall glass or (paper box) milk container that can hold 4 cups (1 L.) of liquid.*
  • an elastic (option)
  • baking sheet & wax paper (to lay your worms on)
It would be nice you you can find straws that not too small (slim) as this might cause your worms not looking nice/smooth/good size to grasp shape. But if it is all you can find then it is fine! :)

Choose container that not too wide and if possible should be in cylinder sharp. So that most of your jello stay in the straw and not outside. But , again, if it is all you can find then it is fine! :) Just tight all straws together loosely with an elastic to make it easy to pour the mixture in. :)


First! prepare your straws: extended all (bendable necks part) straws and packed them tightly together in the container, bendable neck part side down. Make sure you well pack (without squeezing them!) until fill up the bottom.

In a sauce pan, over high heat, heat 3 cups of water until boil.

In a medium heat safe bowl of minimum 4 cups capacity (would be nice if with pouring edge), mix together raspberry jello + unflavored gelatine powder 

Add in, boiling water.

Don't worry about bubbles mousse on top. Don't even bother trying to scoop them out. They will just disappear while you wait it to cool down. About 20 minutes ^_^ tic toc tic toc ...

Add green food coloring to whipping cream. My worms, i add 15 drops. 

Mix well then pour into (cool down) jello mixture.

Pour the mixture into the straws .. a little bit here and there, briefly into all straws. The mixture will begin to fill up the container at the same time, don't worry, just KEEP POURING until reach the container height. The height of the jello level outside the straws will be the length of your worms.

Let them sit in the fridge over night. (i make this in the evening and take it out in the morning. You will have to spare an hour or so to squeeze those worms out of the straws + an hour or two to chill them again). 

When you are ready (next morning or at least after 8 hours chilled), take the container out. Run the bottom and the side of the container under hot water for a few second, then try to grasp to whole bunch of the straws and twist (left-right-left-right) + pull at the same time.. run under hot water again then pull again .. alternately until it come out. Please be a little bit gentle on this as you might NOT want to squeeze your worms or they might be broken!

IF you use paper milk container then simply cut the box open!!! ;)

Grasp a few straws and rub them between your hand under hot water a few SECONDS. Then rub them between your hands with paper towel to dry them. (to avoid any mess fall into your worms while you squeeze them out of the straw)

Well, people have their own version to get this worm out of the straw. the basic one: hold one empty end of the straw with one hand using thump and index then with another hand using thump and index pinch strongly from the beginning of the jello line and pull the straw in the way to squeeze the jello out. It works perfectly! But after a few worms, your finger get hurt and your hand get tired. So, here is what i tried and work for me. It is still not easy because they are lots of them to squeeze out but it is not bad. So, please try.

A  pair of chop stick (don't break into two stick! keep them together!!) on the left hand.. put the straw in between the stick from the open end.. position it where the jello line begin.. A "pinch" tool (sorry, don't know what it is call -_-") on the right hand, pinch the straw right after chop stick. Squeeze and push chop stick away from you while pull "pinch" tool toward you. And voila! one worm out.

Please make sure you did all this on wax paper over baking sheet that can go into your fridge as you will need to leave them in the fridge for about an hour or two (or until to serve) to make it set nicely.

Also, these worms stick together. So, please make sure you lay them out side by side rather then in pile.

Yes, that is how much you have to go through :D But it's worth it!!!!!

To serve: 

Simply crush oreo (without cream in between) into powder. Sprinkle some on the serving plate, lay on some worms, some more oreo powder and then some more worms. 

I found those body (silicon) part from Dollar store ^_^ 


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