Wednesday, April 11, 2012

S'more .. in a second

Ok, it is not exactly "a second" but it is so quick (to find a way to get fat and happy .. no, did i said it out loud! I'm sorry ;-P) to be happy in less than 5 minutes. 
This s'more is fun - quick - yummy. Kids will immediately smile (adult as well ;-)). 

Line baking sheet with aluminum foil 
(if you don't want to do too much dishes after!). 
Arrange as much graham cracker as you wish.
Place one and a half ("half" because it is a good size too fit, not too much not a few)
standard size marshmallows on top.
Follow with a square of the best (dark) chocolate you can find.
Or simply skip if your kids doesn't like gooey chocolate all over (like my kids)
Ready? Now, pop in the oven, on "grill" for a minute or two.
Do NOT move! stay in front of your oven as marshmallow will brown quite quickly.
kids will love watching it gets bigger and change color :-)
 As soon as chocolate melted and marshmallows turn brown, 
take them out from oven.
 Immediately top graham cracker on then press .. and .. squeeze a little.

   See??!?!?!?!? ^_^
Sprinkle some sprinkles for kids if that make their smiles even bigger ^_^

 Enjoy. Throw away the foil. Happy and no dishes! Yippy!

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