Friday, January 20, 2012

Son's Birthday cake

It has been so long since my last update on my blog. I am so sorry to all my lovely followers as well as my kind visitors that take their value time to stop by .. sorry for not being there updating my blog. I have been on a holidays, far from where i live right now. Back to my dearest country i missed so much. I have spend most of my time over there, half of the world away, from cold to hot, eating and eating and eating.. not so interesting i know .. It's just because i love the food from my country so much that i try to catch up what i missed from the whole year back. As the result, i gain LOTS of weight. No complaining!

I still didn't have a chance to bake any sweet as i (as well as my whole family :D) have to lose (6 kg!) some weights. So, i will simply just share you the pictures of Birthday Cake that i make for my family last year. Interesting? :D

This one is my son's 3rd Birthday cake. Yes, easy to guess that he must like spider man so much he wanted to eat him :D 

Inside this cake is Japanese cheesecake .. so soft so moist .. so good. Covered with homemade fondant. Decorated with gel decorating in black color. This cake is so good.. really really good. You won't believe how cheese cake can go along SO WELL with fondant. I still can remember the taste of it. So good. I will, one day, post the recipe of this yummy cheese cake :) as well as this yummy and easy homemade fondant. You will love it too!

Step for making this cake. Well, begin by cutting the cake into a "drop" shape. Well, kind of spider man head shape i mean. Then, roll out  RED fondant into a sheet that big enough to well cover the whole cut cheesecake. Trim off the excess edge. With a help of spatula, tuck all the edge around the cake in, under the cake, slowly and gently. Then, make an outline of an eyes with parchment paper, place on top of white fondant that has been rolled out, with a knife, cut fondant into eyes shape, then place them onto the covered cake where you want his eyes to be placed, around the middle - top - one third of the head i suppose. With a help of toothpick, make a continue dots as an outline where you will draw the black line .. to make the mask. Using gel decorating to draw those line, following the outline .. dot .. dot .. dot.

And Voila!!!! With some decoration on the table and on the wall, up on the ceiling. That day, my son was one happy boy on earth ^_^ Love you my son!

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  1. Hi Tanida! I finally found ur blog, I mean I lost
    This address for a while... Sorry!!!
    The spider man cake looks soooo fantastic!
    I'll definitely try the home made fondants for
    Riri's birthday cup cakes:)

    Btw, ur cheese cake looks great!
    I know you are so good at baking, I'll ask your help next time!

    Take care xx

  2. That's such a wonderful idea for a bday cake... my son will also want it if i show this to him... btw, I also gained lots of weight... :) Ive been on a diet since Jan and managed to lose 5 kgs so far... Need to lose 5 more..

  3. Thank you ^_^ You should see my son when he saw his birthday cake. He gave me a huge smile, running around jumping around and don't want anyone to touch his cake :D

    You are such a brave woman!!! It has been 2 years now that i try to lose 3 kg .. still working on it :} at least i didn't gain more :D Good luck with your diet but do not stop baking! ^_^


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