Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bread toast

Bread Toast for a hurry Breakfast

Wake up too late when in rush plus need something quick in stomach? How about this one ^^

What you need:

1 Egg (you will need about 1 egg for every 2 slide of breads)
2 slices of Bread (multi-grain, whole wheat or any)
Milk (about 6 tablespoon per egg)
Fruit juice (about 3 tablespoon per egg)
Butter (for the pan)

* you might put in some pinch of cinnamon if you use apple juice

How to:

In a deep plate: whisk together -- egg + milk + fruit juice --
Swim in :) a slide of bread .. about 2-3 second (per side)
Meanwhile, melt knob of butter in a hot pan .. medium heat
Place your wet toast in the pan and cook until nice brown
Done! in no time! :)

* Serve immediately .. whole slide or cut into small pieces
* Serve plain, with maple syrup, honey, jam or anything you like.

Now, let's go make some & Enjoy ^_^
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  1. พี่ไดซ์คะ น้ำผลไม้ต้องใช้เป้นรสอะไรเหรอคะ :D เผื่อจะลองทำดูบ้างค่ะ

  2. น้ำผลไม้รสอะไรก็ได้จ้ะ ตามชอบได้เลย อร่อยหมด น้ำผักก็ยังได้นะ แล้วอย่าลืมเขียนคอมเมนบอกด้วยนะว่าอร่อยจริงเหรอเปล่า ^_^

  3. ต้องอร่อยๆแน่ๆค่ะ คิๆ


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