Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pad-Wun-Sen (fried Vermicelli)

Pad-Wun-Sen (fried vermicelli)

Some Thai dish to eat with hot rice. YUMMY!

What you need:


2 pieces Chicken breast (skinless, boneless), cut into pieces
1 group Vermicelli
1 Egg
small handful Dried (or fresh) mushroom (optional), sliced
1 Onion, cut in wedge
3 clove of Garlic, sliced
Canola oil, for cooking
Seasoning: light Soy sauce, Oyster sauce, Brown sugar

* If using Dried mushroom, please let for a while in warm water until soft.
* I didn't say the amount of seasoning, which mean can just use as you feel :) 

How to:

In a pan, heat1-2 tbsp oil with garlic until little bit brown
then add in onion.

When onion turn brown, add in Dried Mushroom (optional)

Then, add Chicken, cook until brown.

Add Vermicelli, then Egg  (lightly beaten)

Add seasoning, mix together then turn off the heat. Done!

Now, let's go make some & Enjoy ^_^

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  1. Ho No ....!
    I love that.
    Do it more and more naja .....


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